Personal Appearances by Jeff Gagliardi

Jeff is available to bring his unique talent to personal appearances at high schools, elementary schools and other events. Contact Jeff for more information.

Prints and Giclees

Printed at actual size, each 14” x 16” unframed Limited Edition Print is printed to the highest standards on the finest 100% cotton, museum-archival, acid-free fine art paper. Each is supervised, approved, numbered and hand signed by the artist. Limited edition of 99.

Open Edition Print (unframed) Printed at actual size on 10” x 12” high-quality acid-free paper. Signed by the artist. Contact Jeff for more information.

Sketch-A-Palooza – A Guinness World Record

Guiness World Records IconLyons, Colorado, USA residents Jeff Gagliardi and Clark Hodge came up with the idea for “Sketch-A-Palooza” to set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Number of People Etch-A-Sketching. Officials at Guinness set the bar at least two hundred and fifty participants (a challenge for a town the size of Lyons, a little over ten percent of the population would be needed). The event packed in well over five hundred people, from ages nine months to ninety-plus years. In all, they registered three hundred and seventy-two “official sketchers” setting a Guinness World Record.